Hello, everyone, and welcome!


My name is Fernanda Ávila. I’m a Brazilian fashion designer, and it is with great joy that I am here to introduce my brand to you.

My first contact with fashion was during my childhood, through my parents’ brand. Watching them at work made me know that working in the fashion industry was the career I wanted to follow for the rest of my life.

As my journey toward fashion began to unfold, I had the pleasure of working with some of the most famous fashion brands in Brazil. But, I always had the dream of having my own fashion brand. Apart from loving the complex creation process that fashion design entails, I have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. I believe working to help society is the best way to build a prosperous future for my community and create a positive impact in the world. This is how the FA brand was born, out of the intention to bring about positive changes in what surrounds me.

At FA’s Atelier, we put together our knowledge and create designs that range from tailor-made to a pret-a-porter collection with an eclectic mosaic of designs that result in original skirts, shirts, blouses, dresses, and our special line of tailored pieces.

The fabrics we choose are always special. We are bold with our colors, textures, guipure, lace, embroidered tulle, jacquard, and exclusive prints.

Our mission is to make the FA brand designs always reflect an abundance of light and color so that you can experience the pleasure and romance they evoke.
After all, I believe that our designs have the power to bring love and joy to everyone who wears them, so enjoy!

Foto de About Fernanda Ávila de Fernanda Ávila
Foto de About Fernanda Ávila de Fernanda Ávila